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About Insurance Finder

Most people don’t see the benefits to getting a local insurance agent in today’s internet age. There are so many online recourses for purchasing insurance and the majority of these businesses don’t offer you support when you need. Why should you choose a local insurance agent? A local agent is there for you when you need to use your coverage. Who likes talking about their accident to someone on a 1-800 number or waiting on hold listening to elevator music. This site has local licenced agents in your area that can assist you with your needs and will save you money going with a local agent. They can find you the correct coverage for your needs and can save you money through custom insurance products. They know what you need because they know your state and know you personally.

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What is Bundling and How will it help you?

This is something that most people need to learn about before they make an investment in coverage. Bundling insurance is getting everything insured under one policy. As an example, let’s say that you are a family of five needs insurance on multiple assets. Your agent can provide you with ways to put all of these into one policy and save you money. The policy will cover your two vehicles, home, boat, or even R.V. Talk to your local agent about policies that allow you to bundle your assets and it might save you some money. If you don’t have one browse through our listed agents.

What Can and Should be Covered?

Auto Auto/ Highway Vehicles

In every state in America, there are minimum requirements for Auto Coverage. Each state has their minimum requirements so it is always wise to talk to a local agent to learn about your requirements for your vehicle. Also, it is really important to get the correct coverage for you vehicle financing and your lifestyle.


MotorCycleMotorcycle/ Street Legal Bikes

Do you live to ride? You need to find insurance coverage for this as well. This will not cost you as much as you think to get your bike covered by a great policy. I know when I had my local agent find my insurance it was a lot less than expected.


R.V.RV/ Camper Trailer

You own a home away from home. Let us help you get it insured, so the only thing you need to worry about is the open road and good times ahead. You can rent an RV for the weekend from our friends at the best RV rental deals finder.


Boat Boat/ Water Crafts

You need to get your boat coverage and invite me to the lake on the weekends. No, you can invite me if you want. My contact number is on top of this page but let one of our agents get your watercraft covered.


OffRoadOff-Road Vehicles

Do you own off road vehicles? Your ATV, Side by Side, or even dune buggy needs a policy. This is an important thing to get insured so let our agents assist you with finding a policy for your toys.


HomeOwnersHome Owners/ Renters

Home insurance is a necessary for every homeowner, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay through the roof for it! Find a local agent to help you find an affordable plan that works for the needs in your area.


Life Life Insurance

I got to admit that this is a necessary evil that needs to happen during insurance and financial planning. The goal is to get your family covered if their main earner can’t provide.  The good news is that many of these policies grow over time or don’t cost an excessive amount of money per month.

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